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Party 2 Go Box



Be the life of the party at the next birthday, office meeting, or team celebration with Yogurtland yogurt and fresh toppings – all prepared for you and ready to go!

Our Party 2 Go Box has three different size options: 15 cups, 25 cups, and 50 cups. Each Party 2 Go Box comes with your choice of yogurt flavors and toppings. We pack the frozen yogurt, toppings, napkins, and spoons all into the Party 2 Go Box for convenient pickup or delivery. All you have to do is open the box, remove all of the items inside, close the box so it can be used to hold the toppings, pop open the holes in the top, and place the toppings, along with the spoons and napkins into the holes. A frozen yogurt bar has never been so convenient!

Each cup contains approximately 4 oz of yogurt.
A Party 2 Go Box is great for all events or get-togethers, including office appreciation days, school events, birthday parties, graduations, reunions, pool parties, and more!
Our Party 2 Go boxes are prepared ahead of time so they're ready for pick up at your convenience. Once your order is placed and you choose your frozen yogurt and topping flavors, we start preparation. The frozen yogurt is portioned and frozen in individual cups. This helps it to stay cold longer. It will stay cold for a couple of hours, depending on how many cups are in your order.
We suggest that you choose a variety of flavors and toppings so that everyone at your event can find an option to enjoy. Our flavors are ever-changing but we always offer options that are fruity or tart and also flavors that are indulgent or rich. Our toppings range from candy, cookies, fruit, syrup, and many more options.
Our location is in Winter Park, Florida. If you're interested in having a Party 2 Go Box delivered to a nearby location, please contact us and we will coordinate delivery.
You can pay for your order with any major credit or debit card.